Under the Moon - Smell Good Mist

Under the Moon - Smell Good Mist

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Roaming through the woods with the moonlight guiding your path and the night air is filled with sweet and musky aromas

Frankincense, Myrrh, Black Currant Berries

Each fragrance mist comes in a beautiful 2 oz. Cobalt Blue glass bottle containing only water and our unique blend of phthalate free fragrance & essential oils. They are safe to use on curtains, pillows, blankets, in your car, just to freshen up a room, or if you like..even as body mists!


Separation is normal so be sure to shake before each use. For small areas 1-2 pumps is recommended, and for larger rooms 4-5.

These are fabric and body safe, but we always recommend testing a small area first.