Extra Large Dreamcatcher

Extra Large Dreamcatcher

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One of a Kind and Ready to Ship!

Extra Large Handmade Dreamcatcher featuring handmade feather leaves, Wood, shell, and Aquamarine glass and crystal bead accents, Aquamarine Glass Crystal connector pendant, large Quartz pendant

Length: 48"
Width: 19"

***The feather leaves will be securely wrapped, but may shift some in transit. Given the nature of the cotton cord used to make the feathers, they may need to be brushed out and shaped a little after shipping. A comb will be provided, and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!

Please bear in mind that computer monitors vary. I do my best to portray the actual color but depending on your monitor, colors may appear lighter or darker than the actual product.


Handmade at our studio in League City, TX